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About Ana Miranda

Ana Miranda is a current student of MHC in New York City and a researcher of the feminine principle. As a prospect psychotherapist, she seeks to guide her clients into the exploration and connection with Soul through an archetypal, depth psychological approach. Hence, dreams, images and stories/tales are seen as tools to create a relationship with psychic world.

During her studies, she realized the potential of storytelling in the connection between individual and their inner world. Since then, she has focused on developing her skills on mythological and folk storytelling as well as fairy tales as a bridge into the psyche/soul of each of us. Her hope is that we can receive the medicine of those stories through archetypal activations of psyche, where there might be a chance of encountering wholeness in certain aspects of our lives.


Her Workshops and courses are meant to awaken our "soul-hearing" as Clarissa Pinkola Estes would say, and through this portal bring to life the parts of our psyche that Soul demands. It is created for women who yearn to connect with themselves more deeply and thus re-member their essence.

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