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La Loba, The Wolf Woman

La Loba, Wolf Woman is a folk tale that shows us how to resurrect our Wild Woman. In our current times as women, a harsh and progressive severing from our instinctual selves has been taking place for thousands of years. Through the patriarchy, body and soul have been separated as cultures all over the world push us to sanitize our psyches from our wild nature and essence and shun the body at the same time. In this workshop, La Loba will teach us how to retrieve the Wild Woman that innately inhabits within each of us and live a more authentic life. She is the one who Re-members.



The old French tale of Bluebeard invites us into the dark psychic terrain of the natural predator women carry within. Confronting this psychic energy can be the hardest and darkest work, however necessary if we are to reconnect with our feminine essence. In this workshop we will learn how curiosity and an investigative approach to life, takes us from an illusory/naive perspective of our existence into a brave and authentic one. An initiation into how to bring back our soul-force while dismantling the destructive forces of our psyche.

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La Mariposa, Butterfly Woman

In this story we will explore the story of La Mariposa or Butterfly Woman, where themes of the body in fairy tales and in culture are present. How do you relate to your body? Is it positive or negative? This workshop will work through how we can challenge the current manner in which society raises women to relate to their bodies, while learning to create a more instinctual and accepting one for ourselves and generations to come. 

Vasalisa The Wise

The old Russian fairy tale of Vasalisa dives into the retrieval of intuition in women's psyche, A calling back of intuition and instincts so women can sort out the things that are not as they seem and bring forth the ones that ring true. The workshop will travel over Vasalisa's tasks and what they mean symbolically in a woman's psyche. A curious trip through this process will teach us how to welcome and integrate the deep feminine Life/Death/Life cycles of which are inevitable. 

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